Marxist Left Review #16

Marxist Left Review #16

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Issue 16 — Winter 2018

The crisis in neoliberalism and its ramifications
Tom Bramble discusses the multifaceted world crisis that exploded in 2008 following decades of neoliberalism.

Against reductionism: Marxism and oppression
Sarah Garnham critically examines theories on the left that have emerged in response to identity politics.

The siege and resistance in Gaza: Interview with Toufic Haddad
Palestinian intellectual and author Toufic Haddad speaks about the state of Palestinian politics in the context of an inspiring new round of popular resistance.

The origins of women’s oppression – a defence of Engels and a new departure
Sandra Bloodworth revisits Engels’ arguments about the origin of women’s oppression.

Duterte and the prospects for struggle in the Philippines
Ben Reid draws on his extensive research into the history, economics and politics of the Philippines to explain the election of President Rodrigo Duterte in 2016 and its consequences for the working class and the left.

Marx at 200: reflections on his life and work
Michael Lazarus sketches a portrait of Marx’s life 200 years after his birth.

Review: 'On New Terrain', by Kim Moody
Kyla Cassells reviews an important new book by American Marxist Kim Moody which details both the substantial restructuring of capital and labour through the neoliberal era, and the opportunities available for a new generation of socialist and union activists to rebuild a working class left.

Totality and oppression: A reply to “Against reductionism: Marxism and oppression"
Daniel Lopez responds to Sarah Garnham's article about Marxism and Oppression, drawing out some methodological disagreements for further discussion.