Marxist Left Review #23

Marxist Left Review #23

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Issue 23 — Summer 2022

Morbid symptoms
Omar Hassan discusses the crisis resulting from the pandemic, the political possibilities this creates and the urgent need to build a revolutionary current.

Dark clouds over Europe: Facing the new far right
Panos Petrou examines the rise of the far right in Europe in its various forms, before discussing strategies to combat it.

AUKUS and the US alliance: Australian imperialism in the Indo-Pacific
Tom Bramble examines Australia's aggressive role in the growing imperialist competition in the Indo-Pacific and argues that the left must oppose Australia’s involvement in the US-led war drive.

“Until the end of the world”: Myanmar’s unfinished revolution
Robert Narai recounts the inspiring struggle against the military coup in Myanmar and analyses the forces involved.

Argentina: Opportunities for the left grow amid debates within the FIT-Unidad
Sergio García and Mariano Rosa of the Workers’ Socialist Movement (MST) in Argentina analyse the electoral success of the Left Front (FIT-Unidad), and discuss the challenges and opportunities ahead.

Red and black: How Australian communists fought for Indigenous liberation
Jordan Humphreys uncovers the forgotten history of the early Communist Party's role in the fight for Indigenous rights.

Property is sacred: How Proudhon moulded anarchism
Mick Armstrong critiques Proudhon's anarchism, and shows how his political weaknesses continue to shape anarchist ideas.

Trotskyism confronts World War II: The origins of the International Socialists
US socialist Joel Geier recounts how a debate on soviet imperialism and the Hitler-Stalin pact led to a crisis in Trotskyism and the birth of the International Socialist tradition.

Review: Eric Blanc’s Kautsky revivalism
Duncan Hart critiques a new book that attempts to vindicate Kautskyism as a revolutionary theory.

Review: Analysing China’s COVID response
April Holcombe reviews a book that challenges the mainstream narrative about the emergence of the pandemic and the Chinese government's response to it.

Review: The PT, Bolsonaro and Lula’s comeback
Ben Reid reviews two books dealing with the turbulent political and economic situation in Brazil in recent years.