Marxist Left Review #26

Marxist Left Review #26

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Eighteen months of hard Labor
Omar Hassan critiques the abysmal performance of the Albanese Labor government so far.


From Marx to Lenin: Debates that forged the socialist approach to war
Mick Armstrong traces the development of debates on war and militarism in the socialist movement in the lead-up to World War I.


Class struggle in the Pacific
Vinil Kumar explores the little known history of class struggle in Fiji, the Solomon Islands, PNG and Bougainville.


Engels after Marx: A (critical) defence
Darren Roso enters the debate on Engels’ contribution to the Second International after the death of Marx.


Spanish left in transition: Interview with Anticapitalistas
Ánxel Testas of the Spanish organisation Anticapitalistas discusses recent developments in left-wing politics in Spain.


Review: The rise of the far right in Italy
Luca Tavan reviews a book tracing the alarming rise of Giorgia Meloni and the Fratelli d’Italia, an organisation with links to Mussolini’s fascists.


Review: Israel - selling arms to anyone who wants them
Jasmine Duff reviews a book exposing Israel’s appalling record of selling arms and surveillance technology to right-wing regimes.


Review: Retelling race and critiquing identity politics

Anneke Demanuele reviews a book that explores the roots of racism in class society and poses a challenge to identity politics.