Marxist Left Review #22

Marxist Left Review #22

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Issue 22 — Winter 2021

Diverging destinies in a global crisis
Omar Hassan assesses the uneven social and political impact of the pandemic, and presents some explanations for the faster than expected economic recovery.

Biden's plan for the US Empire
Tom Bramble analyses the approach the Biden administration is taking to the new cold war between the US and China.

The failure of identity politics: A Marxist analysis
Sarah Garnham presents a critique of identity politics and its toxic impact on the fight against oppression.

Trotsky and the early years of the French Communist Party
Darren Roso explores the foundation of the French Communist Party, showing the importance of Trotsky's intervention in winning over important syndicalists to the Marxist movement.

The Italian left and the factory councils: 1919-1920
Luca Tavan re-examines the revolutionary upsurge in Italy following WW1, drawing out strategic errors made by Gramsci and the leadership of the Italian Communist Party.

Aboriginal unionists in the 1890s shearers' strikes: A forgotten history
Jordan Humphreys excavates the history of the early workers' movement and finds substantial evidence for Aboriginal involvement in the famous shearers' strikes and that the AWU made real efforts to support their struggles.

Review: Remembering the 1946 Pilbara Aboriginal Pastoral Workers' Strike
Nick Everett reviews a recent book documenting an inspiring history of Indigenous class struggle.

Review: Lenin Embalmed
Sadia Schneider reviews a new collection of essays on the application of Lenin's ideas to the contemporary politics.