Marxist Left Review #11

Marxist Left Review #11

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Issue 11 — Summer 2016

Podemos and left populism
Omar Hassan analyses why the promise of a radical, democratic alternative to bourgeois parliamentary politics has evolved into a hierarchical party which has abandoned any serious pretence of fighting austerity even before being tested in government.

The broad left party question after Syriza
Mick Armstrong revisits the question of broad left parties to draw some conclusions after the experience of Syriza in Greece.

Marxism and the natural world
There is a logic inherent in the humanism of Marxism that generates an overarching commitment to environmental conservation, writes Michael Kandelaars.

Cape York: a history of Aboriginal dispossession and resistance
Rebecca Barrigos brings together research by social and oral historians who have recorded a terrible history of Aboriginal oppression in Weipa, Aurukun and Mapoon on Cape York Peninsula.

Ordering Australian capitalism: property, fetishism, debt and social order
Ben Hillier shows how the economic ordering of Australian capitalism helps consolidate bourgeois hegemony.