Marxist Left Review #13

Marxist Left Review #13

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Number 13 - Summer 2017

Understanding Hansonism
Ben Reid offers a detailed study of where and why support for Pauline Hanson is strongest.

Barbed wire in the shadows: Australia's concentration camps
Vashti Kenway challenges the idea that the camps on Manus Island and Nauru are a departure from the norm in Australia, examining the use of concentration camps in Australia from the earliest days of invasion.

When the Australian ruling class embraced fascism
Rather than a welcoming, multicultural society, Australia has a menacing history of serious fascist organisations involving figures treated with respect in our history books, as Louise O'Shea explains.

The origins of the criminal Assad dynasty
Omar Hassan confronts the myth that the Assad dynasty in Syria was ever socialist or anti-imperialist.

Review: Alan Shandro, Lenin and the Logic of Hegemony
Viktoria Ivanova reviews the book Lenin: The Logic of Hegemony, a contribution to recent debates about Lenin by Alan Shandro.