Marxist Left Review #5

Marxist Left Review #5

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Issue 5 — Summer 2013

What kind of organisation do socialists need?
Corey Oakley looks at the discussions about socialist organisation that have been thrown up by unity talks on the Australian left.

Lenin vs "Leninism"
Sandra Bloodworth attacks the persistent myths and misconceptions about "Leninism" with an examination of Lenin's writings and activities as he struggled to build a revolutionary party.

Fighting anti-union laws: the Clarrie O'Shea strikes
Katie Wood looks at the 1969 Clarrie O'Shea strike.

Japan: politics and struggle after the tsunami
Dougal McNeill looks at the changing political situation in Japan in the wake of the 2011 earthquake and tsunami.

Five hundred lashes and double irons: the origins of Australian capitalism
Ben Hillier and Tom O'Lincoln chart the origins and development of capitalism in Australia.

An international balance sheet of the "broad party" strategy
John Percy looks at the "broad party" experience.