Marxist Left Review #6

Marxist Left Review #6

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Issue 6 — Winter 2013

The impact of women's changing role in the workplace
Diane Fieldes looks at the impact on the family of women's increased participation in the paid workforce.

Why the Australian state supports Israel so stridently
Vashti Kenway looks at why Australia is so close to Israel.

Socialist trade union strategy in the Bolshevik era
In the aftermath of the 1917 Russian Revolution, the newly formed Communist International  attempted to develop a revolutionary approach to union work in the West. Mick Armstrong looks at the application of that strategy in Australia and Britain.

The neoliberal transformation of higher education
Rebecca Barrigos explains how both the rise of the modern higher education system and the erosion of free education under the impact of neoliberalism have served capitalism.

Coercion, consent and Australian policing
Roz Ward argues that "community policing" is just another form of coercion which does nothing to halt the brutality of state police forces.

Australian imperialism in the Cold War
Tom O'Lincoln argues that Australia's interventions in Asia after World War II were the hallmark of a developing imperialist country determined to dominate the surrounding region.

Revolutionary unity to meet the capitalist crisis
A response from Socialist Alliance to "What kind of organisation do socialists need?" published in the last issue of Marxist Left Review.