Marxist Left Review #8

Marxist Left Review #8

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Issue 8 — Winter 2014

Georg Lukács’s theory of revolution
Daniel Lopez argues that Georg Lukács made an indispensible contribution to a revolutionary Marxist understanding of revolution, consciousness, organisation and dialectics. This amounts to a philosophical defence of Lenin's theory and practice.

Student unions: a history of attacks and resistance
Rebecca Barrigos looks at the frequent government attacks on student unions since the 1970s.

Lenin and a theory of revolution for the West
Sandra Bloodworth argues that Lenin and the other great revolutionaries of the early twentieth century provide us with a theory of revolution for advanced democracies.

Defying the stereotypes: women textile workers in Bangladesh
Liz Ross shows that, in spite of brutal exploitation, women textile and garment workers from the industrial revolution in nineteenth century Britain to Bangladesh today have defied the stereotype of passive victims.

Lenin's theory of imperialism: a defence of its relevance in the 21st century
Sam King argues for a literalist interpretation of Lenin's work that denies the status of China as a growing imperial power.