Marxist Left Review #9

Marxist Left Review #9

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Number 9 - Summer 2015

Year one of the Abbott government
Louise O’Shea explains why the Abbott government is the most unpopular first term government in Australian history.

US Imperialism and the war for the Middle East
Corey Oakley analyses the counter-revolutions which have swept across the Arab world since the mass revolts of 2011. 

The hidden history of Islamophobia
Vashti Kenway argues that Australia has a long history of discrimination against Muslims, culminating in the rabid Islamophobia promoted by both Liberal and Labor governments to justify Australia’s involvement in a series of wars in the Middle East.

How World War I led to class war
World War I began with only tiny numbers opposing Australia’s involvement, but by 1916 a mass anti-conscription campaign split the Labor party. By Mick Armstrong.

The Southern Tree of Liberty explained
Terry Irving’s book The Southern Tree of Liberty celebrates working people, their grievances, their organisations and the struggle for democracy before 1856 as revealed by working class newspapers, many never consulted by historians before.

Why you should read This Earth of Mankind
Pramoedya Ananta Toer’s historical novel Bumi Manusia (This Earth of Mankind) was published by Penguin in 1983.  Max Lane, argues it should be read by anyone wanting to understand the history of Indonesia in the late twentieth century.

Understanding imperialism: a reply to Sam King
Patrick Weiniger replies to Sam King’s article on imperialism in Marxist Left Review 8.