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Blackfellas, Whitefellas, and the Hidden Injuries of Race

by Gillian Cowlishaw

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In December 1997, in a small town in rural Australia, a fight broke out among local Aborigines that turned into a full-blown riot when police intervened in force. In Blackfellas, Whitefellas, and the Hidden Injuries of Race, anthropologist Gillian Cowlishaw uses this vivid incident as a means of launching a larger discussion about race, identity, and racialized violence.

* Brings indigenous Australians into the contemporary global race discourse in a lively, highly readable ethnography.
* Explores the local and national meanings of a race riot in Australia and the entrenched racial binary evident in everyday relationships.
* Raises questions about history, memory, citizenship, respect, and abjection as means of considering the politics, social science, and psychology of race rivalry and indigenous marginality.
* Written by a prominent scholar with clarity, verve, and accessibility both for beginners and those well-versed in contemporary debates.