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Glorious Summer (Class Struggle in Britain, 1972)

by Ralph Darlington & Dave Lyddon

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For those of us deeply involved in this exhilarating period of working class history, Glorious Summer is a long overdue account of that explosive year of 1972. For the first time in decades the workers' movement rose up in a great tide of anger, which rocked the very foundations of the established political elite. This book will not be welcomed in the clubhouses or at the dinner tables of the ruling class—this is a period of great embarrassment to them. This is not a story you'll see on TV or find taught in schools—but it's a must for any class-conscious worker.
Eddie Prevost
London dock worker in 1972

Revolutions are for the young, unhappily, but we oldies have one great advantage. We can remember what it was like before Thatcher, before the 1984-85 miners' strike, before Wapping. We can remember the days when our side was winning, and winning so handsomely that we felt we would go on winning forever. That victorious thrill goes right back into the 1960s, but its climax, its finest year, was 1972 when the massed ranks of organised capital crumbled under the mighty weight of workers' power. Glorious Summer gives a real flavour of those times.
Paul Foot
campaigning journalist