Marxist Left Review #12

Marxist Left Review #12

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Number 12 - Winter 2016

Mining Australian capitalism: industry in the global division of labour
Ben Hillier outlines the role of the mining industry in the development of the Australian economy, situating the latter in the global division of labour, and outlines the challenges facing the Australian ruling class in the twenty-first century.

How we stopped Pauline Hanson last time
Tess Lee Ack analyses the phenomenon of Pauline Hanson in the 1990s: her support base, how media promotion boosted her profile, and how she was stopped the last time around.

Nestor Makhno: the failure of anarchism
Mick Armstrong dismantles the romanticism surrounding Makhno in some anarchist circles today with a study of his activity during the Russian Civil War.

Daniel Bensaid and "the last generation of October"
Darren Rosso on the political activity and theoretical concerns of an important figure on the French far left from the mid-1960s until his death in January 2010.

The 1968-69 Pakistan Revolution: a students' and workers' popular uprising
The images of the 1960s which dominate in Australia are those from the Western countries. This account of the 1968-69 uprising in Pakistan is an important corrective to the Eurocentric view of the upheavals of the time.

Marx and the state: the politics of philosophy
Sadia Schneider on Marx's theory of the state.