Marxist Left Review #14

Marxist Left Review #14

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Issue 14 — Winter 2017

Foucault’s 'History of Sexuality': A Marxist engagement
Jordan Humphreys argues that Foucault’s explanation of sexuality under capitalism can be incorporated into a Marxist understanding of sexuality and serve to clarify and enrich it.

Between Como and confinement: Gramsci’s early Leninism
Rjurik Davidson, winner of the Ditmar Award, author of Unwrapped Sky, The Stars Askew and other fiction, examines Antonio Gramsci’s political practice in his early years.

Russia 1917: gender, class and the Bolsheviks
Sandra Bloodworth looks at the impact of identity politics on some of the best feminist and social historians of the Russian revolution.

US vs Free Syrian Army vs Jabhat al-Nusra (and ISIS): History of a hidden three-way conflict
Michael Karadjis answer the “comic-book view widely expressed in tabloid journals of the mainstream, left and right", that alleges the Syrian rebellion against the dictatorship of Bashar Assad is a conspiracy of incompatible forces.

Kautsky: the abyss beyond parliament
Darren Rosso contributes to debates about what kind of parties the revolutionary left needs and the role of Karl Kautsky, the leading theorist of the Second International before World War I.

Review – 'Hezbollah: The political economy of Lebanon’s party of god'
Joseph Daher's book is a breath of fresh air and provides a detailed picture of the most important party in Lebanese politics, says Omar Hassan.