Marxist Left Review #15

Marxist Left Review #15

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Issue 15 — Summer 2018

Our unions in crisis: how did it come to this?
Tom Bramble, drawing on decades of research and active involvement in the labour movement, argues that 35 years of passivity and class collaboration rather than an emphasis on militant, class struggle unionism is the core reason our unions are in crisis.

Why Queensland is different
Rebecca Barrigos digs into the history of economic development, ruling class strategies and the labour movement of Queensland to explain why the state has its own distinct political traditions.

The lost workers' revolution: Finland 1917-18
Duncan Hart contributes to an ongoing debate on the international left about the significance of the little known revolution in Finland in 1917-1918.

Commodity exchange is nine-tenths of the law: the life and work of a Bolshevik jurist
Jessica Bell paints a picture of the life, times and work of the Bolshevik jurist Evgeny Pashukanis

Review: Tom Freeman, 'Lenin’s Interventionist Marxism'
by Viktoria Ivanova