Marxist Left Review #17

Marxist Left Review #17

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Issue 17 — Summer 2019

Police state: The politics of law and order
Tom Bramble analyses the factors driving the terrifying growth of the police state in Australia.

The political economy of immigration to Australia
Jordan Humphreys explores the nature of immigration to Australia. By highlighting its importance to ruling class strategies for economic growth he explains how and why the numbers and origins of immigrants have changed over time.

The social construction of sectarianism in the Middle East
Omar Hassan outlines a materialist explanation of sectarian conflict in the Middle East, arguing that true social liberation is bound up with the abolition of capitalism in the region.

The SWAG years: Revolutionary organising in 1970s Australia
Tess Lee Ack draws together anecdotes and lessons from her involvement in the founding years of international socialism of 1970s Australia, from which Socialist Alternative was formed in 1995.

Review: Genocide in the Kimberley
Alexis Vassiley reviews an excellent new book describing the brutal policing of Indigenous peoples in the Kimberley in the late 19th century.

Review: The making of the Australian working class
Diane Fieldes reviews a fascinating new work that documents the early formation of working class consciousness in Australia.