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Marxist Left Review #18

Marxist Left Review #18

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The 2019 Federal election: what happened, and where next? by Tom Bramble

Tom Bramble surveys the election results and puts forward an explanation for Labor's surprising defeat that rests on the party's long-term shift to the right.

Launching Victorian Socialists: an anti-capitalist electoral alliance by Liz Walsh

Liz Walsh reflects on the experience of launching the Victorian Socialists.

Revisiting the roots of anti-Chinese racism in Australia by Liam Ward

Australia and the US have initiated a new cold war with China. In this timely piece, Liam Ward explores the sordid history of anti-Chinese racism in Australia.

Learning from a disaster: the Workers' Party and the left in Brazil

Mick Armstrong critically assesses the experience of the Workers' Party, concluding that a far more independent approach was required by revolutionaries who participated.

Marxism and state theory by Colin Barker with an introduction by Bill Roberts

In this fascinating lecture given just a few years before he died, the late Colin Barker makes the case for a revolutionary overthrow of the bourgeois state and for further Marxist theorising about its complex dynamics.

William Ferguson: the life of an Aboriginal radical by Gavin Stanbrook and Diane Fieldes

Gavin Stanbrook and Diane Fieldes celebrate the life of a pioneering Indigenous activist and trade unionist.

Postcolonial theory: a Marxist critique by Sagar Sanyal

Sagar Sanyal argues that post-colonial theory is an inadequate theoretical and political response to the horrors of colonialism.

Review: Bhaskar Sunkara's Socialist Manifesto by Daniel Taylor

As an emerging American left struggles with powerful strategic challenges, Daniel Taylor argues that this new book by the publisher of Jacobin promotes a distorted vision of the history of the socialist movement, leading to fundamentally conservative conclusions.

Review: Karl Marx and the birth of modern society by Darren Roso

Darren Roso reviews the first volume of a sweeping new biography of Marx's life.

Review: How labour built neoliberalism by Stephanie Price

Stephanie Price reviews this excellent new book which documents in great detail the means by which unions and the ALP sold a corporatist version of neoliberalism to the working class.