Marxist Left Review #7

Marxist Left Review #7

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Issue 7 — Summer 2014

Marxism and women's liberation
Louise O’Shea analyses the position of women today. Engaging with recent feminist and Marxist discussions of women’s oppression she argues for a defence of Marxism as a theory of women’s liberation.

Australian capitalism in the neoliberal age
With a wealth of empirical data, Tom Bramble explains how neoliberal policies at the centre of both major parties’ agendas have served the capitalist class well.

A critique of the writings of Murray Smith on broad left parties
Mick Armstrong offers a critical assessment of Murray Smith’s approach to broad left parties – one of the key debates on the socialist left internationally over the last fifteen years.

Forgotten women rebels of Eureka
Sandra Bloodworth reviews a new book by Clare Wright, Forgotten Rebels of Eureka. The historical material in Wright’s book not only confronts the masculinist narrative of Eureka which has dominated Australian historiography, but also confirms some key Marxist arguments about women and social struggles.

Indonesia: trade unions and the regeneration of radical politics
Max Lane provides an overview of the "rebirth" of a powerful working class movement and the challenges posed for emerging forces of the Indonesian Marxist left.

Trotsky's transitional program: its uses and abuses
Allen Myers cuts through the debate on the so-called transitional method to expose how this important Marxist concept has been both used and abused by various currents on the left.